Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Vera Grace: 'Novella' EP Review

Vera Grace are releasing a new 20 minute, 6 track EP titled 'Novella' on the 17th of August. These are facts. "Novella" means, 'a written, fictional, prose narrative normally longer than a short story but shorter than a novel'. These are also facts. Novella will be released in digital form along with an extremely limited edition hard copy with one of a kind individually hand made covers numbered from 1-100. These are slightly more interesting facts. The rest is not fact, it is purely opinion:

I think this EP is extremely good. It's original, well written and beautifully crafted. The Production alone on this EP is of a clearly superior quality featuring a collection of intelligent songwriting with some seriously brutal vocals. The guitars are brilliantly mixed between the heavy overdriven sounds and cleaner fills layered underneath, the drums are clear but not overpowering and i can't notice the bass which means it's doing it's job.

This EP is heavy, it reminds me in parts of Fall of Troy's album 'Phantom on the Horizon' with it's quirkeness and Devil Sold His Soul's 'Empire of Light' with it's heaviness! Overall it's innovative forward thinking metal, it grabs your attention and keeps you guessing effortlessly sweeping from filthy riffs to sweeping almost ballad like sections interspersed with some great odd moments that are anything but out of place in what i think is a masterclass in the future of metal!

Give these guys a cookie, hell give em all the cookies, they are awesome and they deserve it!

Facebook: /veragraceband
Twitter: @veragraceband
YouTube: /VeraGracetube

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