Thursday, 30 July 2015

Kori: 'Melancholic Debauchery' Album Review

Kori are a four piece dark indie rock band from Paris, France. They have sent us over their album which you can get for FREE DOWNLOAD here. Check out what we thought:

'Tonight In The Moonlight' is slightly more upbeat than I had imagined it would be. Opening tracks are extremely important and here I think Kori do well to encompass everything they are about into the first 3 minutes.

I was half expecting for the mood of the album to be far less upbeat and enjoyable so 'Nightgame' really took me by surprise. The song is of high tempo and the vocals rattle off the drums nicely. Again their tones are incredible,

'Hostage' at times reminds me of a contrast between 30 Seconds To Mars and Rammstein (Hear Me Out). The whispering backing vocals (Very 30STM) that sit behind the commanding baritone of the lead vocals (Very Rammstein) in fact work very well together!

'Ups and Downs' and 'Purr' come about half way through the album and I feel like we have heard a genuinely new sounding song each track so far. I love the diversity of the songs and these two are no different. Through various guitar sounds, drum techniques and vocal styles they mix it up and experiment perfectly without compromising their overall sound.

'Deal With The Devil' would fit nicely as a dark track on a country western cd/soundtrack. The title of the next track, 'Listen As I Fantasize', makes me instantly weary but I bear with it but turns out as a dark cabaret tension builder that is ambient and atmospheric. 'Frankenstein' feels a little familiar by a later point in the album but part of me was hoping to see some solidarity in some of their variations of their style, it brings some bulk to their material.

'The Dead Sea' and 'The Unlucky Ones' lead you through towards the end of the album nicely with a lovely guitar solo/lead section in the first of the two and an interestingly small track that tones it down. 'Flying' rounds of this incredibly captivating album as a mostly instrumental piece that showcases some of the amazing techniques used throughout.

The best way to get a real feel for this album is to go and take a listen for yourself. It is at times truly motivational in a dark, gloomy way but there is something very uplifting about Kori's music. It's different, it's innovative and it's catchy. They have nailed their sound on the head and do what they do very well. There is also something oddly captivating about the band's live performance (Not Surprising) with a chilling and sometimes haunting aura. Check out the the video below to see for yourself!

Facebook: /korinightgame
Twitter: @Kori_Official
Bandcamp: Melancholic Debauchery - Album

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