Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Jagged Little Thrills: 'Events Horizon/Lovers Coup' Single Review

Arriving with a crash, Jagged Little Thrills are a Northampton based rock group with a rather impressive CV of support slots, implying a raw energy that compliments the bills they've played well. 

Their music has all the hallmarks of the dingy clubs that made The Ramones, The Libertines and so many other leather clad, cigarette stubbing groups famous - you can almost feel the chewing gum on your feet as "Event Horizon" meshes into a cacophony of feedback. 

"Lovers Coup" is another track that possess all the classic signs of a garage rock band; oft-indecipherable vocals, heavily strummed guitars, drum kits with a healthy cymbal usage and typically, a numb feeling of de 'ja vu. If it was my garage, I think I'd stick to the lawnmower.

Facebook: /Jaggedlittlethrills

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