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Introducing Dog Party (an interview with...)

Finding a record label that puts out music you like, can be one of the most rewarding experiences for someone interested in music. It makes sense, that if one or two bands you like are on the same records label, chances are there might be someone else on there you might like too. 

This was how I came across Dog Party. They came to my attention when I was scouting on the Asian Man Records website for new releases. The album Lost Control was featured and when I saw the album cover I had to check it out.

I'm not gonna lie, I did check it out because there were two ladies on the front. In all my years of being interested in 'alternative' music I've rarely come across a band with female members, let alone a band that consists solely of ladies. I was curious to see what sort of music they were making, so I gave the album a listen.

Within the first 45 seconds, which coincidentally is how long album opener 'How Are You Doing?' is, I was in love. With the release of their 4th album, Vol 4, I thought I would have a little chat with the Giles Sisters.

I guess the question on everybody's lips is, Where did the name Dog Party come from?

We were both in elementary school when we were picking out the band name (8 and 10 years old). Lucy, with her obsession with dogs, insisted that "dog" be in the name. After a bunch of trial and error, Dog Party was chosen. 

When I first heard a Dog Party album I was instantly hooked. To my ears their music is infectious, feel good, sing along, poppy, punk rock gold. 
With influences including The White Stripes, Ramones, The Kills, X, & Ty Segall, I was curious how they would you describe their own music?

High-energy, fun rock 'n' roll with a punk twist!!!!

How was the band born?

We got our respective instruments in 2nd and 4th grade (we are two years apart). A family friend who has been involved in both the LA and Sacramento music scene, Zach Goodin, inquired if we were playing together. After finding out that we weren't, he came over and helped set up a band practice. 

Was it always intended to be a two piece?

Yes it was. 

I've got two sisters, and we couldn't sit in the same room for more than 20 minuets before arguing about something, let alone make music together. Is it easier or harder to write songs together, being sisters?

We both think it's WAY easier. Being so close, it's very easy to read one another. 

Do you find you get more attention being a girl band?

At first we got attention for being a 'kid band'... that was really annoying. The girl band thing is less annoying but still irritating. "Oh you guys are so cute!" "You're really good!... for a girl!" "How old are you?". Your typical dude band doesn't encounter these kinds of questions very often. To us, we're just a band that plays music that we love.  

With Lucy in High School & Gwendolyn in college, I was wondering how they manage to juggle their education and the band:

We can still play shows on weekends, just like we did while we were both in high school and before then. We just take extra advantage of school breaks to tour.

With their new album, Vol 4 out, I wanted to wanted to know a little bit about how the album came together:

Vol.4 is the beefy, fuzzed out twin of Lost Control.  We planned on making it similar to Lost Control but just tweaking things to make it better!  Some songs were super new and others were older that we changed up.  We fine tuned the songs on our summer tour just before we went into the studio! Our favorite tracks would have to be: Peanut Butter Dream, Be My Friend, and Sapphires.

I like to go see bands I like live, there's no truer test to see just how good they are. There's plenty of live footage of Dog Party on youtube, but I wanted to know if they had ever played the UK (and I'd missed them) or if they planned to (so I could go watch them):

No we haven't! But we really want to!!! Someday!

Check out the music video for 'Peanut Butter Dream' below for a taste of some sweet, sweet music!

The new album Vol 4 is available now on Asian Man Recods

You can also follow Dog Party on Twitter and Facebook

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