Sunday, 26 July 2015

Elements: 'Where We Once Begun' EP Review

Emerging British alt-rockers Elements will release their EP 'Where We Once Begun' on August 17th. The five piece have just released their latest single 'Shaman' to give fans a taste of what is to come on the EP. We at Noizze have been lucky enough to have a listen. Here is what we though of the 5 tracks on the record:

The newest single 'Shaman' has the cool of an 80's police show theme tune. The 'Woah Ohs' that sit over the funky yet driven guitars really bring the song to life. The synth line that drops in sporadically throughout doesn't feel out of place and instead adds a powerful layer to an otherwise slightly less interesting song, it makes it different and that's awesome.

'High Time For Being Free' bursts in at a high velocity and sits as more of a straight rock track. 'Plot Treason Or Saving The World' has the feel of an old school Muse track with commanding riffs and pounding drums. The instrumental base sits comfortably underneath edgy and raw vocals. The song is a passionate war-cry that provides a highlight on the EP.

'Make It Out Alive' makes a beautiful addition to the EP. The first minute is reminiscent of a You Me At Six and when the band kick in the collective front of sound you are presented with is fantastic. The song provides one of the rock bangers and it is warmly welcomed! Final song 'Torchlight' opens a little tame but after the bar that the song before set I can see why. The song livens up enough to be enjoyable and the hard-pounding drums and recurring riffs give it a good feel.

The EP is a great move in an even greater direction for Elements. The band seem to have created an EP with a good range of tracks that fully represent what they are about. Their general sound and infusion of the odd synth/keyboard adds layers to the music that is otherwise solid alt rock. We suggest a listen to anyone who may be a fan of pop/rock.

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