Friday, 24 July 2015

Elasea: 'Where I Belong' EP Review

Elasea are a four piece alt rock band from Berkshire. Their debut EP 'Where I Belong' is due for release on the 3rd August. Lets get straight into it!

Opening track 'Glass Heart' has an explosive flare and a fast paced verse that kicks in so quick your left trying to catch up instantly. The hard-pounding drums that sit prominently on the track with a distorted lead guitar that is infectiously rhythmic can be likened to You Me At Six and Deaf Havana. Title track 'Where I Belong' holds a heavier styled form of pop punk with more chuggy guitars and breakdowns. The song holds the bands alternative vibe well and the general sound is still present. It's a great track that shows a bit of diversity to the Elasea.

Lead single 'Lost In The Dark' holds all of the creative inspiration and melodic goodness of a Mallory Knox or Lower Than Atlantis track. The song comes alive in the chorus where it packs in a soaring range vocally and an addictive and catchy structure.

Soaring vocals and catchy riffs remain in 'Time Is Against Us' though the pace slows slightly and we are treated to a passionately packed 4 and a half minutes. The clean guitar sound that recurs throughout the verse is beautiful and it's nice to see the vocalists let loose with raspy vocals that lead into the chorus sections of the song.

Final track 'On The Line' featuring Alex Gale is a personal highlight on the EP. The acoustic based track really pulls on the heartstrings and the combination of male and female vocals work perfectly. Like All Time Low did with 'Remembering Sunday' and A Day To Remember did with 'If It Means A Lot To You' these tracks can really work and Elasea are working on a similar vein!

The band have an impressive EP with 'Where I Belong', it's reminiscent of early Mallory Knox who saw their career skyrocket when they released tracks 'Oceans' and 'Resuscitate'. This EP is bound to hit the ground running and fans of solid pop/alternative rock music will love this one.

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Twitter: @ElaseaUK

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