Sunday, 12 July 2015

Daisy and the Dark: 'Red Planet' EP Review

We have been keeping up to date with Daisy and the Dark (DATD) for a while. We love the alternative-pop chanteuse/visual artist and this time has outdone herself on her latest effort 'Red Planet'. In addition to the 4-track EP she has collaborated with a team of digital innovators on her to create a unique interactive app experience, which she describes as ‘magic meeting technology’. Our review looks at the music itself but if you want to get the app click here.

Opening title track 'Red Planet' instantly shows the influence of cinema in vocal style and the instrumental backing behind it. The song is rich with production and is a soundscape of emotion. The rolling drums that sit behind the soothing synths work well to create a primal yet futuristic ambiance and the vocals weave in and out hauntingly.

Daisy and the Dark commented on the accompanying video for 'Red Planet' saying: ‘It’s a story of light entering a strange dark world - an ode to the weird immensity of falling in love…!’.

This statement really shows the complexity and thought that go into a DATD track and it's no wonder why she sees so much success!

'Circus' holds the feel of the EP keeping you locked into the world of DATD and enveloping you inside the experience. With only a change in vocal style to mark the chorus it can be at times hard to listen and stay fully invested though with the variety of plug-ins and instruments throughout all tracks you find yourself wanting to be captivated by it. 'Waltzing' is a haunting addition that at times genuinely gave me chills. Overlaid and delayed vocals that phase in and out of synths and piano can send your head spinning. It is truly mind-blowing. The dual harmony vocals work really well and add the symphonic track.

Final song 'Ghost' would be one you may assume is the most haunting BUT it isn't, at all. In fact it is the most acoustic of the songs on the EP and wouldn't seem out of place on a singer/songwriter EP. I enjoy how DATD has managed to add her own spin on acoustic though, making it more than just a guitar and vocals but has kept the inclusion of some synths and backing vocals whilst keeping the production as high a level as the rest of the EP.

Overall I am really taken back by how much effort has gone into the making of this EP. It is easy for an artist to follow the trends of artists before them but here Daisy and the Dark has spared no expense in giving fans something more and it is those who do that who succeed. As for the music, it is well produced and sounds exactly how she wants it to sound with haunting chills to moments of bliss and ambiance. A truly innovative project/EP.

For those interested in the app, Sarah oversaw twelve alternate versions of the four EP tracks saying ‘we wanted to create an experience where the digital listener feels like they have a visual and physical relationship with music again.’ The Red Planet app allows listeners to interact with the music by customising alternate mixes and exploring novel playback features, whilst accessing song lyrics, album artwork, credits and additional rich media content - in the same way the exploration of a vinyl or CD sleeve used to be an integral part of every first listen.

The 'Red Planet' EP was release on Friday 10th July so make sure to take a listen!

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Twitter: @DaisyandtheDark

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