Thursday, 9 July 2015

Carnival Youth: 'No Clouds Allowed' Album Review

We have been following Carnival Youth (CY) for a while and are really happy to see the release of their debut album featuring singles we have covered in previous reviews. The Latvian indie pop group draw in some of their well received singles 'Octopus' and 'Never Have Enough'.

Album opener 'Never Have Enough', which has been released since May, 2014 and has racked up an impressive 480k+ views, is a perfect track to introduce new listeners to the slightly kooky but wholly genuine indie rockers.

Songs 'Octopus' and 'Words Like Birds' sit fantastically on the album. Having previously reviewed them both and being overly enthused by the feel of the music and the bands general sound it's really nice to see them included in the album to bring solidarity and familiarity.

I enjoy the showcase of various instruments and musicality throughout the album. From the chimes and fuzzy guitars in 'Tree By Tree' to the vocal harmonies and echoed clangy guitars of 'Sometimes' the band manage to cram a lot into each song. The raw and scratchy solo in 'Traffic Light' just adds to the depth of memorable moments in the album.

A personal favourite of the album is final track 'Akmentini' that sees the band sing in their native language. It's a beautiful thing to hear as it oozes passion and must be a fulfilling track for the CY to be able to include. It is the most toned down song on the album with the least going on, it's stripped back and vocally strong and provides the perfect end to the album.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'No Clouds Allowed' and that is coming from someone who isn't really a fan of indie music. Despite that the album is a great listen and gives enough variety to entice fans of the band and fans of the genre. Their range of upbeat and slower tempo tracks pace the listener and allow for time to take in the music. Simple song-writing combined with clear and effective themes makes for music that is enjoyable and innovative.

The album will be released tomorrow (July 10th) for those of us in the UK. Trust us when we say that if you are an indie fan or even if you aren't then you really should give Carnival Youth a listen.

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