Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bad Solution: 'Self Destruct' EP Review

Bad Solution are UK/Polish Hard Rock/Metal band who have just released their brand new EP 'Self Destruct'. All metal heads, we advise reading our track by track review below:

Opening song 'Self Destruct' has an epic intro piano piece that builds slowly. Vocals and sporadic drums join to build to the eventual shredding guitar that crashes in at 100 mph. Coming into an EP after a small verse and playing a solo is both bold and ballsy! The song is all about the solos and seems to pick up in intensity and energy when they kick in.

'Nothing' is faster and thrashier with a high tempo vocal line. The structure and song in general could quite easily pass for a Five Finger Death Punch track with the harsher verse and sing-along chorus'. In fact I did a double take to make sure I was still listening to Bad Solution! The comparison is both a positive and a negative, it's great because the song rocks but the band may struggle in crafting their own identity. They will definitely feel relatable to new fans though! 

'Dear Sarah' is a mammoth 6 minutes 10 seconds long and is right on the same vein as the previous track. The opening sequence is fantastic with hard hitting drums overlaid by a ruthless lead guitar pattern. Again the clean chorus' are very much like FFDP but ease effortlessly into the song. The track is made whole by mosh-worthy guitar riffs throughout that are nothing short of infectiously catchy headbanging material. Oh and that solo!

By this point you can probably see a trend in the bands style but final track doesn't disappoint with an almost oriental sounding instrument to open 'Desert'. When the song does kick in it is seemingly the bands heaviest track on the EP. With catchy hooks and guitar shreds placed throughout the verse the song holds a high velocity throughout. 

In general Bad Solution's style seems quite classically influenced but holds a comparison to the likes of Stone Sour, Bullet For My Valentine and mostly Five Finger Death Punch. There are times where vocally you can see traces of Corey Taylor. If your looking for a solid hard rock fill then Bad Solution may fill that gap nicely for you.

The new EP 'Self Destruct' was released 4th July so make sure to go and take a listen!

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Twitter: @bad_solution

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