Friday, 31 July 2015

Alex's Alternative Fridays #4 with Luke Sital-Singh

Luke Sital Singh is a hugely talented multi-instrumentalist destined to take his brooding sound to the top of the singer/songwriter genre. I was able to catch up with Luke after his beautiful sunset performance at the 110 above festival in June.

Luke's music is often incredibly heavy and there is a constant unwavering depth to his sound. Although Luke's earlier musical paths were more 'social' and 'less of a career', his 'first serious musical path' was all started through his discovery  of Damien Rice. 'His first album (Rice's seminal '0') specifically was a really big influence.' This revelation makes it all the more clear as to where Luke's heavier side emanates. Luke jests 'I'm a heavy person' while gently picking at his fried rice. 'You write songs about things that inspire you, and these heavy themes are the ones that get my juices going. I write songs which I want to hear.'

Although remarkably gentle and profound, Luke found himself constantly apologising to the audience about his 'dark' tracks, whilst promising a 'less dark' track was to come later in the set. However much Luke apologised, the audience seemed far to enthralled to care and instead a certain bliss fell over the intimate setting as the sun came down. Luke himself describes him to be a 'perfectionist' and this was clear during his set as his focused yet emotional expressions were constant whilst switching between his three weapons of choice, of course, his keyboard, acoustic and electric guitars. Luke fondly reminisced on 'Birdseye view, out of body moments when I'm on stage where it's like, ''look what you're doing, this is amazing'', it's more like, fuck! am I doing this right? Those two gigs, I definitely had these experiences where I floated up to the ceiling and looked down on myself and said take this in, cos this is great.' Here Luke was referencing two of his favourite gigs so far in warming up for Robert Plant at the iTunes festival and playing one of his biggest headline shows to date at Scala in London. Both of these gigs he was also backed by the London Contemporary Voices Choir and a five piece brass band.

Luke grew up in a suburb of South-West London however now, like so many before him, does not particularly enjoy playing in London. 'There's no local feel, it's too big [...] A lot of people are ''too cool for school'' and just stand there with their arms crossed.' He went on to add that 'there's a lot of pressure and because of this it's less enjoyable.'

Whilst Luke's set may not have provided the energy some of the audience were hoping for, it was certainly a highlight of the festival for me. Luke has now finished recording an EP which he hopes will be out this Autumn. Fans can expect it to be 'Very personal, very purely me. A very pure distillation of the songs I want to write.'

Check out Luke and his music here;

All Photos By Alex Astruc

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