Friday, 24 July 2015

Alex's Alternative Friday's #3 with Narrow Plains

Narrow Plains are a folk inspired indie rock band from London. Both their sound and their stage performances are wonderfully energetic and they provided a summery spectacle at the 110 above festival where I was able to catch up with Charlie and Stuart after their set.

Narrow Plains instrumental set up is both simple and effective with an acoustic guitar, bass and a somewhat interesting drum kit, this included the use of a Cajon instead of a traditional kick drum. I personally thought this added a lighter texture rather than the heavier sound of a kick drum which perfectly complimented the acoustic styling of lead singer, Charlie. However the lads let me in on the reason they prefer the Cajon, 'cheapness!' They also spoke of how they were 'keen on keeping the band extremely portable so we could turn up anywhere and just play'

The band's style is fairly complex with aspects taken from all kinds of influences. The band state their earliest influences as 'Jimmy Eat World and stuff like that' however later went on to 'Bon Iver' who was 'a really big influence on us.' However Charlie cites his favourite album to be of a slightly different genre, 'Bon Jovi, it was the first album I ever really bought.'

With London being their hometown, I was interested to see how it had effected (or not effected) their style. The band echoed what so many before them had felt by commenting on the difficulties of the London scene and how they 'never used to gig in London that much'. Charlie went on to explain that 'In the London scene, songs need to have much more energy', here commenting on how potentially unreceptive the audiences can be. Drummer Stuart also told me how the London scene made them realise 'there's so many bands out there,' and how they began 'seeing more bands and thinking, we need to do that!' I got the impression from the guys that London hadn't been the best place to spend their formative years as a band but when reflecting on their high energy set, one can see just how much of a crowd-pleaser they are, and now the necessity of this trait.

The trio are now working on their debut album which they plan to release in the near future. Fans can expect, 'a fuller sound' as they have recently signed with Smart Indie records, and now are working with 'more tools than ever before'. However, the band are continuing to self-produce this album so one can certainly look forward to some more folking good music!

Check them out here;

All Photos by Alex Astruc

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