Friday, 10 July 2015

Alex's Alternative Friday #2 with Model Aeroplanes

Model Aeroplanes on the Tipi Stage at 110 above festival
Even though Dundonian lads, Model Aeroplanes, can't quite fly (yet) they seem to be having a pretty great crack at soaring through the British music scene. Fresh off their tour-bus after what they described as a 'pretty special' night, I was able to catch up with Rory, Ben, Kieran and Grant at the 110 Above Festival.

Model Aeroplanes have been a band since early 2013 and since then have been all over Britain performing their highly danceable tunes. However their main influences in starting as a band are not what you might expect; 'Hated School' being the dominant one. Although their music is somewhat cheerful, Rory reminisces on their days of playing 'Rage Against the Machine covers', and how they 'were really into the Foos'. I have to say that it's somewhat difficult to see the heavier side to their style in tracks like Club Low, their most recent sparky single.

The band grew up in Dundee and say that they were lucky to have experienced a great music scene in their hometown, a scene which 'used to be strong'. However now, 'bands prefer to go to Dunfermline', Grant  tells me. The band go on to explain how their fan-base in Dundee is small when compared to their following in the rest of Scotland and that the whole situation is 'heartbreaking.'

In recent months, the band have gone from strength to strength, most recently headlining Club NME at KOKO in Camden. One of the other highlights of their career so far was playing at T in the Park. 'when you're a young guy in Scotland who plays music, your goal is to play at T in the Park. It seems like the biggest thing in the whole fucking world.'

As for touring, the band say they're 'taking a step back from Scotland' and that they 'can't just do the Scottish circuit all the time, we need to hit new territories.' However, as for the future, the boys have 'nothing concrete' but hope to bring out some new material. 'Some sort of disc... it might just have pictures of Kieran sleeping on it, or maybe some songs.' 

The future certainly looks bright for these dynamic Dundonians as they look set to make huge strides into the British music scene. One can look forward to 'Maybe an album, maybe an EP' and of course 'Some occasional nakedness.'

Check them out here;


Photos by Alex Astruc

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