Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Noizze goes to TECH-FEST - The BIG Review pt.1

First of all I would like to thank everyone at this festival, all the bands and the guys that make it happen. I would also like to thank everyone for making it such an enjoyable festival. Finally, I'd like to apologize to all the bands that played Thursday and Friday and those that I missed Saturday and Sunday. I could only make it early Saturday and was pretty busy throughout! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had a wonderful time!

Tech-Fest UK has been moving around since it first started five years ago. It seems to have settled on a nice location, good grounds, clean and with a great vibe. What is so nice about this festival is the sense of family that comes with everyone you meet, makes you feel right at home. The halls are literally hangers which give a certain sound to the music and a sense of epicness as the walls shake with sheer brutality. This festival has really has something to offer.

First up, Saturday, Second stage: Clockwork. Now, this is not an easy spot to fill. After a heavy nights drinking Friday, who can get people up and moving? Well starting with a sharp punch to really kick things up and get things going are Clockwork. They give a good sound and have a great vibe. You may not think you'll move to begin with but these guys will get you there with a pretty solid set.

Photo Credit: IC Media
Facebook: /clockworkmetaluk

These guys are followed by Voices from the Fuselage. Continuing the show with a hard attention to rhythm and giving a rather groovy pound overlaid by soothing vocals they play with the crowd to keep them out and moving and make a nice melodic addition to the festival.

Facebook: /Voicesfromthefuselage

Up come The Voynich Code, giving a more brutal attitude to their version of technical music. Giving accompanying speeches to inspire and invigorate you, it's surprising that such solid bass and rhythm can hit you in such a way. A rather nice melody links these bludgeoning elements together. There is a certain 'let's get ready for war' approach to their live shows. They inspire for some hard music. You will find yourself involved.

Photo Credit: /oliduncansonphotography
Facebook: /thevoynichcode

Promethee are a tight band, solid and bold. They take to main stage with a ballsy march through the crowd right to the back. Their music hits you with precision and guides you very clearly through each song. The control is great to see in a band like this and it makes their live show all the more effective.

Facebook: /prometheemusic

Now, throughout the festival there were some unfortunate injuries, but this did not stop the show from screaming proudly. Sectioned, had the misfortune of leading with a singer who could not stand – due to a leg injury. Somehow his ferocity was still hard hitting and insistent. Soldier on through the pain, there is metal to behold. A certain persistent brutality insists itself upon the crowd and the band do very well with what's been given to them.

Facebook: /sectionedband

Heavy Metal Ninjas were the first of few instrumental acts. Their technical prowess displayed proudly before an eager crowd. Metal is in the guitar and it's surprising there aren't more acts out there. The Ninjas give a serious approach to their instruments and guide you from song to song

Photo Credit: /oliduncansonphotography
Facebook: /HeavyMetalNinjas

Kardashev give a very atmospheric approach to their performance. Using the lighting (or lack of) to great effect. It gives a presence that is only strengthened by the vocal-work and powerful drums. A great show on all accounts.

Facebook: /Kardashevband
Slice the Cake, powerful hitters. The singer gives a good presence to the music that invigorates and strengthens the entire act. The atmosphere is intense, they connect with the audience and together create a massive explosion. It would be hard not to appreciate this strong performance. With a band like this, energetic and exciting, it is clear that the festival is accelerating to it's Saturday close.

Facebook: /stcproject

There are no signs of stopping. One of the lighter bands at the festival but also one of the strongest Agent Fresco give a first UK appearance that really is felt by everyone present. This is a strong act, eagerly awaited for by the entire crowd. A mini-event within the festival itself and no disappointment. The music is easy to love and get along with and it's no wonder they were awaited for so very passionately.

Facebook: /agentfresco

Closing the Saturday and on board to give you that final punch are Heart of a Coward. A solid strong hit, that many should feel for a while afterwards. Aggressive, melodic and powerful, a fun piece of metal that gives a good finish to the day. Their music fights to get you headbanging and does not disappoint. A solid end to a solid day of efficient strong metal (STRONG).

Facebook: /heartofacoward

Stay tuned next week for our lowdown on all the band's that played on Sunday at Tech Fest!

Facebook: /uktechfest

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