Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Versus The World: 'Homesick/Roadsick' Album Review

California Pop/Punk Rock quintet Versus The World will be releasing their new album out on 23rd June. 'Homesick/Roadsick' is to be released worldwide through Kung Fu Records. The album will be the bands third release that speaks of yearning a life on the road whilst wishing you could return to a familiar place. It talks of the conflict between touring and home life and wishing for the opposite wherever you are. Let's check it out:

Opening song 'The Santa Margarita' is the perfect way to introduce the album. As it's lead single it's not hard to understand why it opens up the album with it's fantastic medium between the bands fastest and slowest songs drawing a nice medium between and delivering it in one 3 minute punch. Second track 'The Black Ocean' is full of catchy hooks and infectious melodicism. The song stands as an anthem track that has vocal lines you simply won't be able to get out of your head. The sound of "Go On, Go On" rings beautifully over fast paced guitars in third track 'Storm Like Me'. It is yet another example of an anthemic and heartfelt outburst.

'Seven, Thirty One', 'Bullet Train' and final track 'Our Song' are fast paced and in your face. These songs bring the high energy moments in the album bringing out the best of the bands ability to play but still deliver the sing-along chorus'.

'A Brooklyn Rooftop', 'A Sight For Sore Eyes' and 'Detox/Retox' are slightly slower especially in the verses but don't take this to mean that they aren't great in different ways. In the same way that bands such as You Me At Six and All Time Low have hits with songs that find a nice balance of tempo that is what you have here with these three tracks.

Title track 'Homesick/Roadsick' waves the flag for the theme of the album. The song pulls together the general feeling of the band and stands as an anthem for bands out on the road who love doing what they do but also miss home. The song stands as the most obvious passionate out-pour of emotion on the album. I enjoyed reading the following statement in accompaniment with the album:

"There’s an unshakable bond that can only be forged through a combination of shared passion, life experiences, and world travel hardened camaraderie. It’s not really something tangible, touchable or scientifically provable. But if that electric chemistry that makes friends into family has a sound, that sound is definitely VERSUS THE WORLD."

Every chorus throughout the album is incredible and you finish the album wanting to keeping singing them all. The likes of Four Year Strong, Alkaline Trio and Funeral For A Friend come to mind when listening through with the heavier side of pop-punk that FYS manage to produce so well to the darker but melodic sound of AT and FFAF. The album ranges between full energetic songs and calmer ones that have a more chilled vibe but still have the bands iconic sound in the chorus'. One things that stays prominent throughout is the bands passionate injection into every song they sing. Every song feels believable and honest and the general theme is one that is easy to relate to.

The album will be out in a week and we cannot be more excited to hear what reception the band get as it's quite frankly incredible.

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