Monday, 8 June 2015

The Dropper's Neck: 'Nineteen I Sixteen' Album Review

The Dropper's Neck are Sludgy Punk band from Essex, UK. Their latest album 'Nineteen I Sixteen' mixes a blend of screaming vocals and more punk style cleans. Let's check out the album track by track and see what we think!

The opening song '57,470' is both haunting and dark. The ringing of a guitar underlies the sound you would hear in a battleground with gunshots and explosions. It's definitely a confident way to begin an album!

'King & Country' kicks in directly after the previous track with a darkly heavy riff. Unfortunately when the song breaks into the verse the darkness of the guitar riff fades and the vocals seem a little light for the general feel of the bands music. The screams throughout the chorus/bridge sections are brutal and feel like they match the genre though the cleans make it sound cheesy.

'Somme' and '200 Volts' feel a little dated as if the band should have been supporting bands like Megadeth and Metallica back in those days where they were playing gig in closets in LA. Again the songs move between fantastic screaming sections but are let down by the cleans.

'Line Me Up For The Firing Squad' is better as there are less clean vocals throughout the song and those Cancer Bats style screams are more present. Final tracks 'Monster' and 'Stutter' carry themselves on a similar vein to most of the music on the album. The rolling army style drumming towards the end of final track 'Stutter' and the screaming that it leads into are great. I enjoy sections throughout but couldn't enjoy one entire song.

I enjoy the theme of this album with the focus on war though I find it hard to connect the clean vocals to the other parts of each song. The concept and style of the clean vocals are good and feed from classical styles like Megadeth and Alice Cooper but don't sit right in this music and make it feel cheesy and dated. The screams and general instrumentals are great though!

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