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The BIG Camden Rocks Festival Review

We found ourselves at Camden Rocks Festival on the 30th May and we didn't waste a second! We managed to see Fallen To Flux, Lock & Key, Broken Witt Rebels, Press To Meco, Polar, One Last Secret, While She Sleeps and Bullet For My Valentine! With such an incredible line-up it was difficult to choose who to see but we managed to keep busy nonetheless.

At a small bar named The Good Mixer festival new-bloods Fallen To Flux take to the stage in front of a comfortably full crowd. Now bear in mind it is one of the teeniest tiniest areas I have ever seen a band play in, it was seriously about the size of a bedroom. Hats off to the band for utilising the space making the most of the intimate venue too.

Opening with their absolute banger "From The Outside, Looking In", a hit that sees the guys merge metal and alternative with melodic rock in a happy blend, they come across brilliantly and sound fantastic. Subsequent songs keep the crowd involved and intent to hear more.

Vocalist Oli Clipsham is clearly talented and his humble attitude towards the bands fortune in playing the festival is genuine and honest. Roaring solos, hard-hitting drumming and sliding riffs piece together the Fallen To Flux nicely and when the band are at full velocity they are unshakable.

The band are looking for a drummer at the moment so if you think your right for the post look on their facebook page here.

Photo Credit: Critical Mass Photography

Lock & Key are next up in the fantastically large Electric Ballroom. The hardcore outfit open the stage with their energetic, raw and raspy performance. Delivering a high pace set the guys play to a reasonably packed room of people that don't shy away from the opportunity to get their mosh on.

The band are still relatively new as a band having only formed in late 2013 though this doesn't show as they take to the stage.

With the things we have heard here at Noizze and the obvious success they have achieved in the last two years Lock & Key seem to be holding their place in the hardcore scene firmly.

Photo Credit: Daniel Ackerley

Off to the Jazz Cafe to catch Broken Witt Rebels to bring some rock n' roll groove our way. Its safe to say that the band blew me away most out of all the bands at the festival. Having not heard of them before but being invited to attend it was the most pleasant discovery I could have hoped for.

Their blend of atmospheric, anthemic hard-hitting rock and soulful, bluesy singing left me wanting to hear more and more. The band seem as if they injected themselves with adrenaline before the day began and looked comfortable owning the stage.

It is really hard to put into words when a band simply blows your mind as it's one of those "You had to be there" ones BUT the bands live performance was intriguing, fun and delightful to watch. It was amazing to see vocalist Danny Core get lost in his music which came across as a passionate outburst, letting go of everything and leaving nothing hidden.

As for the bands music, well just take Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys and a tonne of other talented bands and throw their CD's to the side to make way for BWR. We managed to catch up with the guys after the show so stay tuned for our interview with them!

Photo Credit: Jeff Moh

Press To Meco are a band I have heard a lot about (In a good way). We quickly head down to Barfly to try and see a bit of their set.

Their outrageous three-part harmonies are on point. It really is music to be admired in vocal technicality and comes across even better live.

Their blend of hard rocking anthemic riffs and the delicate vocal harmonies bring a fresh take on alternative rock music. It's a shame we didn't manage to see much of the set though the little that we saw was incredible.

Back to the Electric Ballroom and Surrey metalcorers (is that a word? It should be) Polar are strutting their stuff across the stage.

Dominating the stage with a fantastic presence frontman Adam Woodford even dares to jump into the crowd splitting them in half to eventually create a pit. There's no bars held in putting on a show and that they definitely do! The crowd is unfortunately mainly static but the front 10 rows are loving it.

Their brutal metalcore take on the genre sits well with the crowd and gets heads banging with ease.

Photo Credit: NIL Photography

Down to the Dingwalls where Scottish four piece One Last Secret bring a more chilled experience to the festival.

The band hold a great aura about them with a real rock n' roll vibe that has frontman Wesley Scott to complete with an infusion of Scottish charm and an energetic and engaging performance.

OLS's group vocals/harmonies are on point and the band are solid in their performance. The fuzzy distorted guitars and energetic chorus' bring a happy buzz to the day that leaves me feeling lucky to have been in attendance. OLS are moving from strength to strength and this performance at Camden shows that!

We later interviewed One Last Secret in a very swanky restaurant where we talked more about the show and their music. Stay tuned for the interview feature on Noizze TV.

Photo Credit: TartanZone Event Photography

One last trip back over to the Electric Ballroom to catch the festivals main support and headline acts play. It just so happens that they are two bands I am extremely fond of.

Any chance to catch While She Sleeps play is a welcomed one. After seeing them only 6 days prior at Slam Dunk Festival this time I have the expectation that WSS will blow me away... And that they do.

For those of you that don't know about While She Sleeps they have only gone and made an album recently that has blown minds and in addition, even after setbacks like a throat operation for their frontman Loz, they are riding high. The album has injected a new found energy into the band that builds on their incredibly heavy and brutal shows.

Here at Camden Rocks the band use their arsenal of heavy sing-along bangers to gather a crowd of generally enthusiastic people and turn them into fans. Again another knock-out show.

Photo Credit: Adam Green Photography

Standing waiting to see Bullet For My Valentine play is even more exciting than usual as it's their first show with our friend Jamie Mathias replacing ex-bassist Jay James. 

There have been many comments since the bands release of previous album 'Temper Temper' about how the album was a sell out and the hits were boring and characterless but what the band seem to have re-harnessed today is their ability to give an amazing stage performance and the new songs aid in that.

Opening with their new banger of a single 'No Way Out' they have the crowd from beginning to end. They follow with hits like 'Your Betrayal', 'Tears Dont Fall', 'Scream Aim Fire' and 'Hand Of Blood' and even premier new song 'Broken'.

The band showcase that they are more than in the game still. Jamie's arrival in the band along with a noticeable effort to re-create the modern thrash metal they are so famous for, BFMV have breathed new life into themselves and it shows. Vocals and backing vocals are on point and there is a new found ferocity with an injection of velocity and energy. An incredible way to finish the day.

And that's everything we managed to see (There was only two of us)! Massive thanks to Thom Pike for his accompaniment and help during the day!

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