Monday, 29 June 2015

Start Static: 'Arguments' Album Review

Start Static are a Glasgow based 4 piece rock band.  The band have wasted no time in getting a debut album released. The band self-funded the album themselves titled 'Arguments'. The 11 track record showcases some real raw talent from the band and check out the album for ourselves!

Here s what the band think of their own music: "The music is generally driven to be songs to sing, shout, dance and drink to - nothing more complicated than that!"

From the opening roar of 'Reckless' to the fuzzy buzziness of final track 'Voices' Start Static have quite simply nailed down a sound that is heartfelt, anthemic and inspiring.

The band do well in drawing together a beautiful vocal tone and combine it with an infectiously happy sound. Tracks 'Play The Record', 'Pretty Little Bubble' and 'Running For Ages' weigh in to give the album a less intense and more genuine feel. The tracks are slower and provide the easier listening segments of an otherwise in-your-face album (That's not a bad thing).

'Count To Ten' and 'In The Loop' are a little more raw and fuzzy in production but fit the general feel of the album. Commanding vocals sit nicely on top of an otherwise very simple and basic instrumental track. The vocals seem to bring the songs alive with a soft accent that isn't overbearing and a great tone. Also the shredding guitar in 'In The Loop' is awesome.

'Never Let You Down', 'Love And War' and 'Did You Know That' bring the energetic injection that makes the album thrive. There is plenty of material to sing/dance to here! The groovy bass lines in 'Can't Stop' along with the unhinged vocals and backing vocals/harmonies will no doubt get stuck in your head. It's a true highlight on the album drawing likeness to The Kooks and Kaiser Chiefs at time.

There is a bit for everyone, the bands rock n' roll roots show through but they manage to add their own spin on it with a pop/punk infusion and manage to make their music sound believable and passionate. The likes of Twin Atlantic and You Me At Six come to mind when listening to the album with catchy hooks and memorable sing-along chorus'.

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