Sunday, 21 June 2015

Shoshin: 'Epiphanies and Wastelands' Album Review

Manchester guerrilla rock trio Shoshin return with their second full studio album titled 'Epiphanies and Wastelands' and it doesn’t disappoint. Its 11 tracks are packed full of groove and incorporate many different styles from punk and rock to reggae and urban. This is encapsulated in the albums first track and single “Same to me”, which combines a solid rock groove with an urban style of vocal. The song deals with modern day politics but don’t leap down your throat, making it accessible and less preachy. Something a lot of bands try to do and get wrong, Shoshin do this very well.

The 4th track  “Plan C” is the next song to be released and the band continue with their fusion of rock and urban, its accompanying music video is a tour diary from the U.K and Europe and is something I think works really well, its also provides a glimpse into their live shows and they look full on energy and passion.

As the album progresses you get tracks with clear punk influences (Janine and linoleum in particular) and the track “New Day” mixes a great reggae verse with a big rock chorus. This mix of styles helps their album stay interesting throughout and gives them an individual sound, making them stand above the hundreds of other bands out there.

As impressed as I was with 'Epiphanies and Wastelands' I believe the band have another gear or two in them and that they will get better with every release.  This is a band who have toured extensively in Europe, especially in Germany and they look to be doing very well there and with this latest album being released in Europe first and the U.K and the rest of the world second its clear they know where there target audience lies. Hopefully a U.K tour isn’t far away and this band can keep releasing albums that get better and better, Shoshin have a bright future.

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