Saturday, 13 June 2015

NG26: 'Until My Heart Stops' Album Review

NG26 are Rock/Metal band from Heanor Derbyhire, UK. They have tonnes of influences but the clear ones in the music on this album seem to draw from the likes Alter Bridge, Metallica and Stone Sour. Let's check it out:

Opening song 'Never Enough' paints the general sound of the band in a great light. There is an instant classical feel with the likes of a Metallica demo CD coming to mind. The instant impression NG26 give off is definitely a positive one with thrashy elements but with a more modern and refined sound present they sound a lot like Stone Sour.

'Daylight Breaks' comes from a new angle with tamer verses that hold the energy back until the chorus. With more passion injected into the song it takes a more nu-metal stance but the thrash metal is still strongly prominent.

Throughout the album songs such as 'Barely Breath', 'Ceasefire' and  'Save It For Me' show off the bands ability to make a catchy chorus come to life. 'Barely Breath' combines intricate lead guitar with a chorus that sounds more like a rock anthem than a punchy thrash sing-along.

'Afterlife', 'Out Of My Life' and 'Little Indiscretions' bring the heavier, thrashier side of NG26 out with the hard hitting, in your face guitar riffs sitting at the forefront of the tracks. This seems to be what the band are best at with some great guitar solos showing throughout.

Overall the album is well rounded with songs to cater for fans of metal but who are also in touch with a more passionate sound that sometimes lowers the tone. The mastering is a little fuzzy and the sharpness of clear cut drum hits and guitar riffs isn't present but it doesn't always need to be and almost adds to its effect. A nicely mastered album/EP would work for the band when doing solos though. Generally the album was wholly enjoyable to listen to and showcases some great things from NG26.

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Twitter: @ng26band
Bandcamp: Until My Heart Stops - Album Link

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