Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Late Hala: 'Don't Look Now' Single Review

Late Hala are a psychedelic rock band from London, UK. The four-piece released their newest single 'Don't Look Now' back in April. Check out the track below and what we thought of it:

The opening of the video looks and sounds a lot like the beginning to a Jimmy Hendrix track. The recurring riff throughout is extremely catchy and the vocals sound echoed and fit the general feel of the song. The chorus builds slightly to make it recognisable but 'Don't Look Now' takes a more stripped back stance that showcases the bands instrumental technique and vast musical inclusion within the song.

Both video and song draw you in and you feel compelled to watch/listen to the entire thing. I like the modern stance that Late Hala have put on psychedelic rock. It is easy to judge any attempt at re-creating the genre as a 70's/80's revival but here it is more like re-inventing one. I am very intrigued to see what the guys can conjure in future songs/EP's/albums.

Facebook: /latehala
Twitter: @latehala
Soundcloud: /latehala

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