Saturday, 6 June 2015

Klone: 'Here Comes The Sun' Album Review

French melodic rock band Klone have recently released their sixth studio album 'Here Come The Sun' and it takes a whole new stance in their music in comparison to previous releases that were progressive yet more predictable. Their newest album promises to let you have time to take in the music your listening too and show complexity and maturity and we agree. Come see why we love this album:

Opening song 'Immersion' does exactly what it's told you it will do. I felt completely immersed in Klones sound with a mellow yet intense feel that has you on the edge of your seat tuning in to hear the complexity of the instruments and vocals throughout.

Songs 'Fog', 'Gone Up In Flames' and  'The Drifter' carry on a similar vein that 'Immersion' initially draws you in with. The tracks range between four and six minutes but deliver so much from complex riffs and melodic chord sequences overlaid with tensity and feeling.

'Nebulous' is one of the first songs that shows the band let loose in the chorus section with more distorted guitars and the ringing of symbols in your ears. I enjoy the fact that the band make you wait to hear them release their raw passion.

Instrumental song 'Gleaming' brings you back down instantly and leads you through three minutes of chilled out melodic rock that chimes it's way into 'Grim Dance' which stands as one of the more upbeat and more simply structured songs on the album. The vocal segments soar with comparison able to be drawn between the likes of Seether vocalist Shaun Morgan and Pearl Jams Eddie Vedder.

Next 'Come Undone' holds a similar feel to the previous track 'Grim Dance'. Final song (that isn't a cover) 'The Last Experience' weighs in at a whopping 7 minutes 18 seconds and really does well to combine the overall sound of the album and shove it all in this huge mammoth track. Final song 'Summertime' is a cover but a bloody good one at that! It sits more as a dark acoustic that really shows off the vocalists raspy and rough vocals though demonstrates his singing ability magnificently.

The vast amount of instruments used in 'Here Comes The Sun' is astonishing and the production is incredibly fine-tuned. The band has clearly crafted their sound over a long period of time and what you have here is a masterpiece instrumentally that is hugely complimented by the vocals throughout. Fans of bands like ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Seether and Mastodon will absolutely love this album!

Klone have just finished up their tour in Australia in support of Voyager. We are very excited to see what they will do next!

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