Sunday, 28 June 2015

In Requiem: 'Carnivore' Single 'Review

Pontypridd rockers In Requiem have just released their debut single 'Carnivore'. The Welsh 4 piece an alternative rock band that fuse hard rock and ambient synths to create what they say is something unique... We didn't think so as much, read on...

Combining a classic rock feeling with a whispered, Ian Brown vocal styling, In Requiem have produced a perfectly acceptable rock song that ticks all of the boxes, though unfortunately not adding any of it's own. 

The joint-vocal in the chorus is a positive for live performance but is perhaps providing substance to a otherwise weaker vocal line over a groovy, though unexciting riff passage. 

Appropriately mixed under the eye of former The Blackout singer Sean Smith, who also appears to have passed on his inability to produce new material to his new proteges.

So unfortunately not the best review from us here at Noizze but we do look forward to hearing what other material the band have up their sleeve and will be keeping our ever-watching eyes over the band!

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