Sunday, 14 June 2015

Heather Coulton: 'Walls' Single Review

Heather Coulton is a singer/songwriter from Preston, UK. Her new album 'All The Years' is coming soon and the first taste of it is newest single 'Walls'. Let's check it out:

The single is a beautiful blend of atmospheric instrumentalism and angelic vocals. It's odd as the verse is slightly faster paced and Heather's accent is noticeable but this only adds to feeling of the song. In the chorus her vocals shift and become almost more operatic when sliding up and down scales. It is reminiscent of  Dido who is very distinguishable with her slightly accented but soft and chilled tone.

The song is very moving and all technicalities aside it really is just a very nice song that you sit and happily listen to time and time again (I definitely did). 'Walls' is seemingly about a girl who cannot find it in herself to change but find's it too difficult to as she keeps creating barriers for herself or at least that's what I get from it. Whatever the exact theme, it's beautiful and lyrically very strong.

We aren't quite sure when Heather's album will be released but we are very to excited to hear t when it does arrive! If 'Walls' is anything to go by too then we are especially happy to hear the songs from the new album.

Facebook: /heathercoultonmusic
Twitter: @heathercoulton
Soundcloud: /heather_music89

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