Monday, 29 June 2015

Bronze-Age Boats: 'Retreat. Repeat' EP Review

Alternative/Indie Rock 4 piece Bronze-Age Boats are an energetic and overly impressive band from South Wales. The band mix a balance of acoustic harmonies and indie rocking hooks. Let's take a look at their latest EP "Retreat. Repeat":

A polished musicality that is well mixed and presented, Bronze-Age Boats are a breath of fresh air in the oft-disappointing world of unsigned bands - an industry that isn't known for it's respect for presentation...or quality. 

However, BAB open with an intro-track that grabs attention before leading into the expansive and accessible "Little Petty Lane". "War?" follows a similar theme, appropriately selecting singular mantra of a chorus that will sure to be popular for live consumption. 

While not as vocally aggressive as most rock bands require, lead singer Sion Edmunds possesses a blue collar tenor that allows for BAB's songs to feel somewhat reassuring. "The Lighthouse" is dripping with a indie-esque Twang/Hard-Fi bricks and bootstraps vibe. 

Bronze-Age Boats are a band to watch out for and we will definitely be doing so!

Facebook: /BronzeAgeBoats
Twitter: @BronzeAgeBoats

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