Thursday, 25 June 2015

BoyMeetsWorld: 'Become Someone' Album Review

Cincinnati pop rockers BoyMeetsWorld released their brand new album 'Become Someone' on June 16th. We reviewed the album ahead of the bands inclusion in the entirety of the Vans Warped Tour. To start out review, who better than the band to say what this album means to them:

"We're extremely stoked on this album and everything that went into it. We created something we're very proud about, and I know a lot of people will enjoy it. There's a huge variety on this album which I think is always a goal of an artist. With putting out this album right before we hit the Vans Warped Tour all summer, I think the amount of potential we have have is big -- we have a huge opportunity to gain countless fans across the nation, and we're going to give everything in our power to make that happen." - BoyMeetsWorld 

Aptly named 'Feel It In The Air' feeds on the same positive vibes that the band have rightly explained they are experiencing right now. The song ticks all the boxes with it's heartfelt and passion driven structure but also delivers some good ol' pop punk feels. Vocally comparisons can be drawn with the likes of newer Secondhand Serenade and The Spill Canvas but with a more upbeat feel in general.

Songs 'Rest Of Our Days' and 'Moving On' precede the opening track and carry on the upbeat punk feel. 'Rest Of Our Days' is a little slower but by no means smaller with vocal harmonies to sit behind an anthemic chorus. 'Moving On' demonstrates a more up tempo vocal style that would comfortably sit in any Blink 182 fans collection. We have been all over old school pop punk lately and this song sits in amongst that playlist perfectly.

The bands newest single 'Best You've Ever Had' is a fantastic addition to the album and it is clear why this was one of the lead singles. As one of the more alt rock sounding songs it weighs in as a little heavier and harder hitting of tracks with punchy and catchy hooks and a real sing-along chorus.

Nothing sits better on the Vans Warped Tour than bands that have some real fast paced punk tracks and the likes of 'Where This Road Leads' and 'Still I Think' deliver exactly that. The songs allow for the guitars to let loose slightly and get noticed more whilst still allowing for the pop style vocals to give a sing-along factor.

'You I Belong To' is also a fantastic addition to the album. A beautifully toned acoustic is essential on all pop albums and BoyMeetsWorld have really shown that songwriting and listenability are no issue for them. I love the heaviness of 'All Or Nothing' that starts with a pop-punk esque breakdown that continues in the background of this high velocity track. Final song 'Become Someone' stands as the albums title track. It combines a bit of everything that the band have showcased throughout and packs it all into one last 3 and a half minute banger.

So this album got us right in the mood for summer! The album is exactly what you want it to be as a pop-punk/rock lover and there is something for everyone. You definitely want to become someone who checks out BoyMeetsWorld (See what I did there) and if you are fortunate enough to live in the US then check them out on the amazing Vans Warped Tour!

You can catch BoyMeetsWorld on the Vans Warped Tour at every single date! Make sure to do that...

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Twitter: @OfficialBMWBand
YouTube: BoyMeetsWorldMUSIC

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