Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bones: 'Plasticine' EP Review

I love hearing styles of music that are fresh or new to me with a modern take on a genre or even merge them. This is what I get here when listening to the fantastic Bones EP 'Plasticine'. Bones are an acoustic/upbeat duo from Manchester, UK and their catchy songs had me listening intently. Check it out:

Opening track 'Everything's Alright' takes chilled acoustic music and combines it with rap and an amazingly sung chorus by Kimberley Bo. The duo feel vibrant throughout and where one set of vocals drops off another picks up. The rap sits well and holds the perfect balance of pace clever lyrics. These sections are complimented massively by the beautifully toned clean vocals that supply backing and sing at the chorus.

'Devils Lair' stands as less energetic and showcases the slower more heartfelt side to Bones. The song demonstrates Ben Jones' ability to sing as well as showing from the previous song that he can supply fast paced rap sections.

Self-titled song 'Plasticine' and final track 'Ayva' both show fantastic lyrical content and stand as two very pretty tracks. The rawness of the acoustic guitar riff in 'Plasticine' gives off some real attitude and makes you want to chuck on a pair of shades and stroll around looking cool (Maybe that's just me). 'Ayva' again shows the more sensitive, emotive side to Bones with intricate picking riffs to supply a backbone to the story told over the top of it.

I have really enjoyed listening to 'Plasticine'. I love the way the pair seem to bounce off each other in this EP and can imagine that they are thoroughly enjoyable to watch live. The songs on the EP demonstrate a refined and mature sound as well as a fantastic songwriting ability. Bones have honestly impressed and earned a fan out of me!

Facebook: /bonesbandpage
Twitter: @weareBones
Soundcloud: /wearebones-1

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