Monday, 15 June 2015

Bloodflower: 'Noise EP' Review

Bloodflower are a Welsh electronic duo. Their debut 'Noise EP' is out today and we had the opportunity to check it out before it release. Check it out:

The opening track 'People/Places' instantly brings you to life. I instantly get an 80's vibe in terms of echoed vocals and sparadic sharp synth noises that weave in and out of the song. The piano/synth chord sequence that acts as the main part of the chorus is incredibly catchy.

'Run' is straight in with the same electronic feel that sits at the forefront of the bands sound. The track has a dance feeling but the music takes itself seriously. It is a fantastic blend and merges the two nicely. 'Tall Buildings' has a faster pace that really showcases the talent vocally. It is an incredible feat that these guys are only a duo but it sounds like a full band are playing.

I like the exploratory sounds in 'Keep Talking'. The verse doesn't require much and is cobbled together with sounds that bounce off one another. It is as if someone has made sounds in a cave and all of those incredible sounds flow in and out of each other.

Final track 'Somewhere' features some fantastic dual vocals and harmonies and takes a slower approach to building the electronic sounds in the song and adding a beat. I love the way this song builds on itself bit by bit as it progresses but the vocals hold the structure of the song together.

Somehow Bloodflower have revived a genre and bought it together to make distinct and noticeable sound that works well and sounds awesome. As a whole it is greatly enjoyable and despite not being a huge electronic fan I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bloodflower have combined a sound much like the newest 30 Seconds To Mars album both vocally with the inclusion of various instruments and electronic based instruments and with synths that are electronic in nature.

The new record is out now via iTunes, Spotify and other major dealers.

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Twitter: @iambloodflower

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