Tuesday, 9 June 2015

An Elegy: 'Embrace The Rain' EP Review

I'm riding high on my metalcore fill of bands at the moment and the next installment of music to smash my ears to bits is birmingham/coventry quintet An Elegy. The guys have shut themselves away over the last year to prepare their insanely heavy debut EP. So without further adieu...

The opening track 'Ghost' has me shaking with excitement. The initial ringing/white noise that enters your ears forms into the fuzz of distorted guitar and an opening dark and menacing riff. You feel every hard-hitting drumbeat throughout the track. The pace and intensity from introduction is held well throughout the verse through raw screaming vocals. The small section of clean vocals breaks up the song nicely for brief moments. The general feel of the song shows some serious promise.

Without pause or hesitation next track 'Hidebound' clicks in. The opening has a lot going on and it takes a couple of listens to fully take in all the instruments that are playing. Saying that the song is awesome and the effects that are added have been mixed and mastered beautifully. The featured singer Richard Lardner also makes a fantastic addition to the song and the EP.

The echoes of third song 'Chailleann tu me' takes a more subdued but by no means unworthy approach. The clean guitar rings out over raspy and dry screams. The atmospheric aura that the song give off is amazing. The addition of instruments one at a time adds to the ever-growing depth of this album. The unhinged clean vocals at the songs end leads into the sound of rain, it is epic as f**k.

'VII' doesn't take any time to leave the listener a break. The song marks potentially the heaviest of the EP with some of the deeper growling vocals contrasted with more throat ripping screams. The lead guitar sound in this track is also beautiful.

'Ghost pt. II' contains a high tempo feel, brutal vocals and fast-paced aggression, nothing more nothing less. Oh and the breakdowwwwwwns!

Final track aptly named 'Embrace The Rain' plays out the EP being the longest in terms of playtime. Again as the track opens there is a lot going on and it take a couple of listens to fully take it in. The sliding guitars and clean vocals in the chorus sound like The Devil Wears Prada meets Bury Tomorrow with a little bit of old school Asking Alexandria sprinkled on top. The instrumental play out ends the EP perfectly.

An Elegy have made an EP catered to my exact tastes. I feel like I have been biased but for any metal/metalcore/general heavy music fan I feel like these guys will be ones to look out for in the future. Their combination of everything good about metalcore, both old and new, makes for an incredibly well constructed EP. The songs flow effortlessly from one to the other and stand as absolute bangers on their own.

I cannot recommend enough that metal fans jump on these guys and check them out. The bands debut EP 'Embrace The Rain' will be out July 27th.

Facebook: ANELEGY
YouTube: An Elegy

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