Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Day At Slam Dunk Festival

We at Noizze love the opportunity to see live music and with what Slam Dunk Festival was offering this year it was far too tempting not to go. With so many great bands gracing the stage it was difficult to choose who to go and see BUT we got there in the end! Check out our day at Slam Dunk:

PVRIS are up first. A band that has been making waves for what is being classed wholly as a new era of music. The band really are something different, something exciting, something new. They are on a path that's leading them upwards and onwards.

Being a big fan of their album 'White Noise' they didn't disappoint in transferring that sound to a live performance. They showcase a raw talent to hold a crowd simply through their music. Vocally Lynn Gunn delivers a stunning performance with her raspy voice and diverse range. With all the effects/synths in addition to distorted guitars and bassy drums PVRIS are nothing short of EPIC!

Beartooth are next up on my list to see. Another band that are very much newcomers but have taken the music scene by storm. Their debut album 'Disgusting' was released a year ago and they have been riding high since.

The performance today showcases a small bit of what Beartooth are about with an ability to make people want to do crazy shit. Slam Dunk offers a more intimate show from all bands and in this case Beartooth optimise that to go mental with their fans. The guys didn't let us down on the hype surrounding them with people climbing rigging and trees and do silly stuff that from a distance looks fantastic.. Oh and moshing, lots of moshing.

We Are The Ocean are a band I have wanted to see for a very long time. Here at Slam Dunk with an arsenal of new tracks to add to the collection the band look incredibly comfortable on stage. 

Their newest album 'Arc' has flung them into a zone of big sounding rock of epic proportions. They fuse Liam Cromby's fantastic voice with a whole new style that brings rock and whole a new meaning.

On stage the band play songs from previous album 'Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow' and merge them with their new hits to make a set that is thoroughly enjoyable and full of sing-along albums. It is hard not to compare them at times to Muse but WATO have managed to entice me in despite not being a Muse fan (It says a lot).

Neck Deep hit the stage bringing the punky popness to Slam Dunk. The bands energy is infectious and new hit 'Can't Kick Up The Roots' shows great progression in the bands sound. With their new album 'Life's Not Out To Get You' out August 14th it make me seriously excited!

The guys are a party band start to finish and it's clear that the crowd are feeling it with them. They are like a blink 182 revival in terms of the fun they have on stage. Saying that, they don't lose out on the quality of their music. The band even pull out a heartfelt 'Part Of Me' and bring the whole room with them for a little sing song!

I remember back at the beginning of this year when there was a statement made about the lack of pop-punk in the UK, well consider Neck Deep as a strong contender leading the charge for it's revival.

Lower Than Atlantis... Their name speaks for itself by now. The latest self-titled album has propelled them into a new chapter of their careers and you can tell their enjoying it!

The singles from said album go down considerably well with the likes of 'Here We Go' where Mike Duce lets the crowd sing pretty much the entire thing and the catchiest song in the world 'Emily' which is aptly dedicated to the first pretty girl that can be found in the front row.

Slower acoustic 'Another Sad Song' goes down a treat and the bands talent as a whole is unshakable. Oh and they arrived on the stage to the Star Wars theme tune so they had me won from that point onwards.

Next up Crossfaith and I simply love watching these guys play. Their dancy/metal fusion got them tonnes of attention in 2013 and since the release of their single 'Madness' they have been a little more quiet in the UK. So I was extra happy to see them on the bill here!

Their performance is just as good as I remember. On an outdoor stage they can at times sound a little synth heavy and sometimes shadows the guitars.

The band play with ferocity and energy and you can see they are pouring everything they have into their performance. Unfortunately half way through their set the entire left side of speakers cut out and you can barely hear any vocals. That said, the band play on blissfully unaware and the crowd just carry on being as into it as before the speaker went. Rock N' Roll!

Seaway are amazing fun. I have been a fan for a while now and the band have impressed every time I have seen them. Their fast paced energetic anthems are smashed out one after the other and it has the crowd pumped wherever they play.

Having seen these guys very recently I was more than excited to spend a free half hour checking their set out all over again. In a dingy room on the Fresh Blood Stage the guys in Seaway bring the room alive and their infectious accents and catchy songs sit well.

One thing is for sure, Seaway will be back in the UK and I am sure they will have even more to offer next time they come!

Taking Back Sunday are a band are fantastic for fans but seem to lose me slightly as I have no prior connection and have not listened to them.

They draw in a decent crowd on the stage and they are a band that had hit that level of fame where they can enter a show and someone will know.

Nevertheless I move on fully content having watched Taking Back Sunday play.

To say I am excited to watch While She Sleeps play is a massive understatement. The bands new album 'Brainwashed' absolutely blew me away and will easily be making tonnes of end of year lists for best album.

So how do the new songs and the band in general sound live?

Brutal, Incredible, Dominating are but a few words I would use. The guys kill it simply through playing their music. The thing is that it sounds so big. When your playing music that you truly believe in it adds to the factor of truth and passion. Loz Taylor has an incredible stage presence and holds the crowd well. New tracks 'Our Legacy', 'Four Walls', 'New World Torture' and 'Brainwashed' go down as crowd favourites.

While She Sleeps are just a must-see band at the moment for any metalcore/metal/rock fan. Truly inspiring.

You Me At Six completely stole the night in terms of wow-factor. The combination of their vast amount of hit songs and their incredible evolution from album to album. Add in the amazing stage presence of every single band member and the phenomenal vocal performance of Josh Franceschi and you have a band that are making a real difference in the music world.

It's hard to pick a highlight of the set but classic single 'Stay With Me' goes down amazingly as well as 'Loverboy' and 'Bit My Tongue' as close runner ups.

The way in which they engage with the crowd is special too. Josh dances his way across the stage and takes time to high-five those who crowd surf their way across the barrier. He oozes passion in what he does and you just want to believe his every action. The emotive 'Always Attract' showcases said passion and truly move you with the perfomance.

Overall I am extremely thankful to have been at this years Slam Dunk Festival. With a tonne of incredible acts this is only the account of a few of the amazing bands that were present! We will see you again next year though as it's won our support.

Photo Credit - Ian Collins

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