Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Theories - 'Regression' Review

If you like your music slow, contemplative and easy going then 'Regression' by Seattle based deathgrind unit Theories is probably not the album for you. If however, bands like Pig Destroyer, Misery Index and Rotten Sound are more your bag then step this way as Theories have released a debut full-length that could be the most aggressive album you've heard so far this year. 

Given that this album was mixed by none other than Scott Hull (of Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and others) at Visceral Sound, the bar has been set pretty high before you've even pressed play. Thankfully, Theories absolutely smash the bar with opening track 'Burnt Concrete', setting the pace for the rest of the album with some machine-gun drumming and punchy, hardcore style riffs.

The album speeds ahead at a frenetic pace but in those moments I was able to catch my breath and take stock of what was blasting out of my speakers, I managed to pick out some highlights; like 'Shame', being an absolute rager of a track; the Converge-esque riffing of 'Swimming in Mud' and 'First World's Last Breath', a track with some incredible drumming and killer riffs. Those may be my stand out tracks but each track on this album shows how tight a unit Theories are, I genuinely can't praise their musicianship enough.

Theories have released an album that hits like a runaway truck and doesn't let up for an instant. There's no breathing room here, just one relentlessly heavy track to the next, bludgeoning the listener into submission with tracks that are not only technically brilliant but showcase some fantastic songwriting. This is definitely one of 2015's must-listen albums.

Regression is out now via Metal Blade, check out a track from the album below.

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