Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Sun Explodes: 'The Unnatural' Single Review

Having met this band before, when a friend of mine was supporting them in london, I have to admit this is one of my favourite UK bands at the moment. The nicest most humble guys you'll meet for a long time with a very clear passion for their music. On first meeting them you would think of them as "just another metal band" they are nice people who act with utmost professionalism and courtesy. However once their set begins this idea very quickly fleets your mind. With an outrageous stage show including mild nudity and what i can only describe as microphone porn they absolutely set the stage on fire with their live show. Unlike many other bands though this is not just a gimmick to draw crowds, they are actually very intelligible musicians.

This brings me to their latest release: 'The Unnatural'. A clear progression from there more hardcore roots into a realm of more well thought out songwriting. Although changing time signatures and styles throughout a song is not anything new to them, it seems they are giving us a taste of a more practiced ear that allows these changes to flow much more naturally so that the changes seem less obvious. Although in personal opinion i always felt that the abruptness of their previous releases was what gave their sound a very unique character and set them apart from other bands in their genre.

Still, I love it. Their a great band with a fantastic sound, and really nice people, which in this day and age is a bonus! The new sound is slightly more accessible and will surely reward them with new fans and success that i think they deserve. Can't wait for the EP to drop later this month either as everything i have just said about the new sound will possibly be proven to be completely wrong. Another reason i really like this band!

The new EP 'The Calm, The Storm' was released Monday 18th May via YouTube, iTunes and Spotify. Make sure to check it out.

Facebook: The Sun Explodes
Twitter: @thesunexplodes
iTunes: The Calm The Storm - EP

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