Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Stearica: 'Fertile' Album Review

Italian experimental trio, Stearica, definitely create an interesting sound. Their latest album: 'Fertile', is full of growling bass lines and intricate guitar lines creating a raucous tone throughout.

A particular highlight of the album for me was the rhythmic intro to the track, Siqlum. I thought this track in particular stood out from the rest of the album simply for the introduction, however it was not long until the song degraded back into the monotonous noise which constitutes most of this album. Another highlight of this mostly instrumental release was the track: Nur which included some rather harsh vocals within it. I felt that this added a different texture which was much needed during this album however I felt that Nur lacked a sense of song and melody which it, along with the entire album, was in dire need of. I also was impressed by the range of sounds achieved through the guitar, ranging from the almost angelic pitch-shifting qualities on Geber to the lo-fi grungy sounds which persist through much of this album. Towards the end of the album, tracks such as Amreeka provide an oasis of calm and are much more satisfying to the ear than other tracks as they are simply easier to listen to. This track has a much more textural focus and it is definitely easier to appreciate these textures when they are not constantly overpowered by droning bass lines and pounding drums.

A distinct lack of melodic structure is what really throws me off this album. The absence of melody is seen throughout, however when a melody does crop up, for example, in track Tigris, it is repeated and ends up being the basis for an entire track, leaving the listener feeling dejected and often quite frankly; bored. Although I have personally not enjoyed listening to this release, it is definitely worth a listen!

If you want to check out the band head over to their facebook and twitter to find out more!

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