Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Single review: Birdeatsbaby - Muscle Museum

I'm always slightly skeptical when bands that haven't yet fully established themselves in the industry release covers of much more influential artists, and birdeatsbaby have gone after the biggest of them. Covering one of the most iconic tracks of one of the biggest bands in the world is no small task. I personally had my earlier introductions to rock through Muses' earlier releases, so this is a rather iconic track in my own personal music education.

It's probably because of this predisposition that straight off the bat i am not really a fan. I appreciate the attempt at making the song their own with the addition of pianos and violins etc, However without delving into this bands back catalouge i have no idea who they are, I don't know their sound, they have no musical identity to me and it just feels like their trying to hard to be Muse.

So once I have gone away and listened to a few of their other releases i feel slightly more pained by this, as all their own music is in a highly contrasting style to this nearly exact cover. They are not a rock band, why are they trying to sell themselves with a rock single? In fact, i actually like their originals, a lot. Its clever, quirky and well written and the videos are a little artsy (even if low budget) and they work. Check out the single below.

With all that said i cannot fault the musicianship, it's a well performed song with a few nice changes to instrumentation. The video is well made and fun to watch, It's a good cover, but it's a cover that doesn't fit in with the rest of their music and adds no value to their set. It's a great song, and it's very well presented, I only question the decision to release it as a single.

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