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One Last Secret: 'Restart' Album Launch at 'Broadcast'

One Last Secret – Restart Album launch – Leeanne Boulton
Broadcast – 14th May

Broadcast is one of Glasgow’s hidden gems on the local music scene and despite bringing us the likes of Sean Lennon (yes, John Lennon’s son) it’s reputation across gig makers, musicians and gig goers is nowhere near where it should be. Kilmarnock band One Last Secret launched their debut album ‘Restart’ at the packed venue last week, supported by Between Mockingbirds and Start Static.

Start Static’s drummer donned an OLS T-shirt for their entire set - the kind of camaraderie between bands which is heart-warming to see.  Highly recommend their new single ‘In The Loop’ after being treated to the live version - definitely one of their strongest songs.  They've just released a brand new video to go with it which is a must see. They come across as really down to earth guys who have a wealth of talent amongst them and some great presence on stage. I predict great things.

One Last Secret’s set begins by tearing into the lead track from the debut album Sidelines, a heavier number, and perfect to kick off the evening.  The band worked their way through some older tracks like Tonight and Light It Up from their previous releases.

They work beautifully as a unit, each of their individual personalities visible, but still a uniquely together group who bounce off of each other – and the audience effortlessly.  McNamara has begun joining in with backing vocals too which is really, visually effective and also contributes to that big, anthemic, wall of sound that the band are known to deliver.

They are then straight into ‘Hole,’ another track from the debut album, but one that they’ve been performing for a while at live shows. This track is the one that lead the band on the path to the sound they have now arrived at, the same sound they are pushing in the new album which has been 18 months in the making. They’re heavier than before, but still melodic, vocally centric and memorable at the same time. ‘Hole’ is a fairly mid-tempo/slower number, but is delivered with deliberate sentiment of angst and desperation in its lyrics and style.

Into the second half of the set and it’s pretty much wall to wall new album tracks from here on in.

Another slower number follows in ‘Ghost’, with machine gun-like riffs underneath haunting, harmonic backing vocals before OLS burst into ‘Fighting On My Own’ – a more up tempo number – that carries a massive amount of energy from the very first note to the last.

‘You Took Me Away’ gets a big introduction, I particularly enjoyed the break down to just drums and all four of the boys’ vocals - impressive harmonies that made everyone in the room stand to attention if they weren’t already.

At one point the guys stopped the show to bring a photographer on stage and capture one of their infamous Shhh pics of everyone in the audience together – which just goes to show that the inclusion of fan base in your set can go a long way if the turn out tonight is anything to go by.

Back in the swing of things with a mixture of new songs, another cover and a couple more older tracks from the band which fitted well into the stronger sound they have.  McBride took centre stage again in their penultimate track with ‘Somebody Told Me’ by The Killers, which the punters loved. There would have been an encore had Broadcast management not had to call an end to the night.

From the sweat pouring off of the band’s foreheads though, I think they may have been glad of a rest.  I caught up with a local radio broadcaster after the show who had never seen One Last Secret live and he was overwhelmed at what he’d been missing out on.  This kind of feedback is music to any unsigned band’s ears and I took great pleasure in introducing them afterwards and watching the after show energy continue to work its way around the upstairs bar in Broadcast.

The new tracks from ‘Restart’ are excellent – well worth the money for the album and if you have the chance to catch the band performing live at Camden Rocks on 30th May or at the legendary King Tuts on 4th June, you’re in for a treat.

Physical copies of Restart are available from the band’s bandcamp page here -





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