Monday, 18 May 2015

Maverick: 'The Adventures of Bad Boy Nick' EP Review

Good ol' rockers Maverick bring a refreshing take on rock with their newest EP 'The Adventures of Bad Boy Nick'. Hailing from Chandler's Ford, UK the band are not embarking on any sort of campaign they are simply making the music they love and that is great to see. Take a look at what we though of the EP...

Opening track 'Bad Boy Nick' is a solemn and honest song that is meant to bring a smile to the listener. "I don't know where I could find a place that sells positive vibes" stands pout as a fantastic quote to come from the song. There's moments that sound a little Gaslight Anthem like with layered and echoed backing vocals. Aside from it's solid production the song is 100% chilled from start to finish with a great story told too.

'Forest Of Doubt' amps up the pace and sounds like a rock version of a folk song with it's drumbeat supplying a jig type feel. The sliding and screeching guitars actually fit well with the clean vocalist as his style is slightly different to the first song. With the tracks length a lot shorter is stands as quite a punky addition to the EP but is overly welcomed.

Track three 'Cover Me (I'm Going In)' is again a shorter song that keeps up a certain energy. The song holds the general rock feel but is again a lot different in terms of it's sound. The likes of rockers Vaccines and Sex Pistols come to mind with a slightly older sound and the prominent punky feel with group vocals and fast pace.

Final song 'Half Locked Doors' rounds off the small ensemble of the bands best tracks holding a similar feel to the previous track. The quick rattling symbols ricochet throughout the song and the guitars roar behind a powering vocal.

Overall I am overjoyed to see the ethos behind Maverick. As a band wholly invested in what they do they have released this EP for free as they believe that "The Music Speaks For Itself". It's a lovely thing to see when a band isn't trying to "make it big" and instead release music for the joy of doing it.

Facebook: Maverick
Twitter: @The_Maverick101
Bandcamp: The Adventures Of Bad Boy Nick - EP

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