Friday, 8 May 2015

'Mad Apple Circus' Album Review 'Mad Apple Circus'

Mad Apple Circus are predominantly a Ska band but deliver so much more from hip-hop to jazz, to swing and reggae. "Mad Apple Circus are a unique blend of horn-fuelled styles better known as Bristone." That may better explain it than we possibly can!

In the last 2 years they made appearances at a series of festivals including Sunrise, Cloud Cuckoo Land, BoomTown Fair, Symmetry Festival and Brisfest. They have also played with tonnes of bands having a massive touring history too! We checked out the bands self titled album. Here's what we thought:

Okay so I've never been able to call myself a Ska or a Reggae fan BUT I will admit I quite enjoyed this album. It's catchy chorus', general upbeat tempo and high energy infusion had me admiring their musical talent. The fact that these guys are a 9 piece make them more like an orchestra than a band and these tracks are pieced together perfectly!

Some of the highlights of the album comes in the form of 'Fistful of Memories' with it's jazzy blues influenced guitar riff intro and the general vocal style/technique used within the song. Another highlight comes from 'Ragged Bar Blues' with it's inclusion of fantastic musical technicality, the inclusion of female and group female vocals and an old school hip hop verse structure. In addition the songs chorus is soulful and catchy. My personal favourites on the album are 'Partisans & Vandals',  'Ragged Bar Blues' and 'Back To Basics'. The inclusion of swing style music also provide some of my favourite moments on the album as to incorporate it with some of their other styles is wholly impressive.

Overall the general feel of the album is Ska in genre but Mad Apple Circus are so much more. The bands initiative to include the amount of styles, influences, instruments and techniques that they have is both staggering and impressive. You are thrown from Ska to Hip hop to Jazz and Soul from one second to the next but most importantly it works, and it works really well for these guys.

Wholly and happily impressed (and I'm sure MAC bring the party wherever they go!)

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Twitter: @madapplecircus

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