Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kingsley Chapman & The Murder: 'Poison Tongues' Single Review

Kingsley Chapman & The Murder is an avant garde band led by the well known Kingsley Chapman who put the band together to pursue a new musical adventure. The track 'Poison Tongues' is aptly described as cabaret death songs similar to the likes of Davie Bowie & Nick Cave and Tom Waits & The Velvet Underground. I think this a pretty accurate description of the song though you will need to check it out for yourself to really appreciate we are talking about... Anyway here is what we thought of the track:

It took me a few listens to fully understand what it was I was listening to but there was something drawing me to listen again to 'Poison tongues'. Saying that, I did enjoy those extra listens and I felt inclined to listen to more.

The addition of brass instruments that recur throughout the track are a welcome addition and really aid in setting the song apart from the few songs I've heard before in this particular genre. I do constantly feel like the song is about to explode as if it opens with a certain tension that never quite lets go and unleashes it's full passion.

There is something about the track that is oddly catchy. I will say that I haven't heard anything like Kingsley Chapman & The Murder before but they do sit in my mind as a unique act and there is definitely a positive sound to what they do.

I still don't quite know how I feel about the track but I enjoy the fact that it has me torn. Instrumentally I enjoy it though I feel like this particular genre isn't for me but very well could be for fans of avant garde. My best advice would be to go and check the song out for yourself and see what you think!

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