Friday, 29 May 2015

Jackson: 'Time' EP Review

'Time' is a 5 track Funk and Soul EP written by Jackson AKA Jack Baldus. 'Time' is described as a throwback to psychedelic funk from the 70s that simultaneously sounds fresh. Take a look at what we thought of the new EP:

'Happiness' makes me feel as if I have stepped back in time. The guitar grooves and offbeat drumming technique are accompanied by a generally vintage but renewed sound. I'm put off by the auto-tuned vocals that join the song a minute in. I was expecting an outstanding voice to pop out at me though was left with Daft Punk meets old school blues band. 'Change' is much the same with only the addition of sliding guitars.

The next 3 songs 'Reset', 'Horizon' and 'Time' follow a similar pattern attempting a take on Jamiroquai meets 70's funk band. I find it difficult to understand the connection found with the vocals and the rest of the song.

Overall I feel like auto-tuned vocals only work in certain cases. Where I see what Jackson has tried to do I find it hard to invest in the chill out vibe with those vocals overlaid on the top. The instrumental sections are both fun and interesting though. I would advise that in future workings that Jackson simply drops the auto-tune and tries out some clean vocals with a funk vibe to them.

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