Friday, 15 May 2015

Ghosts As Alibis: 'Fire and Ashes' Single Review

Ghosts As Alibis have released their brand new song 'Fire And Ashes'. Having seen them play recently it is with great pleasure that I check out their new song. So without further adieu...

The single shows some great progression in terms of the bands sound. The opening sequence with the overlapping screaming and clean vocals works really well to build the verse with the funky bass line and background chimes/piano. The echoed vocals throughout the song add to the bands signature sound with an eerie aura. The sporadic variety of guitar licks and different lead guitar add to the overall feel of the song.

I've always found it hard it hard to pinpoint a genre on Ghosts As Alibis but I love how this song infuses grunge/sludge style guitar and bass and adds a post-hardcore feel in terms of it's listen-ability.

The bridge section of the song features atmospheric drumming and repetitive vocals that murmur they're way over the top. It provides the highlight of the song, building tension and eventually falling effortlessly back into it's subsequent finish.

Overall with it's fuzzy guitars and raw vocals 'Fire And Ashes' fits perfectly into the Ghosts As Alibis back catalogue and make a more than welcome addition.

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Soundcloud: Fire And Ashes - Single

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