Saturday, 9 May 2015

'Fearless Vampire Killers' with 'Annisokay', 'Myth City' and 'Ghosts As Alibis'

We were invited to go and see Annisokay support Fearless Vampire Killers (FVK) at Clwb Ifor Bach on May 7th. For most that day was full of voting, disappointment and all the various emotions linked with the UK's political state. We, on the other hand, did what we love most, went to a gig...

It was nice to hear a couple of days ago that Ghosts As Alibis would be dropping by to open the stage for FVK. Ghosts As Alibis were actually one of the first bands Noizze ever reviewed and it was nice to finally catch the guys live.

Their awesomely unique sound translated amazingly to their live performance. They managed to portray all of the positive qualities you hear on their studio EP's and their off the cuff, edgy eerie feel also worked well.The frontmanship was on point and instrumentally the band sound BIG! Final song 'Bucaneer' is also an absolute banger and closed the set magnificently.  The band have also just released their new single 'Fire and Ashes', check it out HERE.

Myth City are a band I hadn't had the time to check out prior to the gig. Unfortunately that happens nowadays due to the volume of bands I hear about/listen to. Overall i was wholly impressed with the hip-hop/hardcore Hyro Da Hero/Limp Bizkit/Korn mash up. Their frontman strolls the stage bouncing and dancing from start to finish and holds a fantastic presence.

Currently we are seeing a revival of bands bringing back a new style nu-metal (This makes me very happy) and Myth City are seemingly one of the bands apparently leading the charge along with the likes of Djent rockers Hacktivist and London Hardcore/metal unit The One Hundred. Myth City fuse together fantastic fast paced rap with good old chuggy riffage (Can I coin that phrase?). These are definitely guys to watch out for on all of your music radars out there!

Oh and his screams are absolutely brutal, like high pitched pig scream infused with a whole lot of manly brutality, I loved it.

Annisokay are the main guys we are here to see having previously interviewed them, finding out some cool things about their new album. In addition having checked out their album 'Enigmatic Smile' early thanks to Visible Noise as well I was extremely excited for this one!

An epic intro always gets you pumped and this one is no different! Their solid metalcore style combined with their flare to bring the noise makes them a personal favourite of the night. Saying that, the fans arent here for breakdowns and beatdowns which is a shame because at any other gig these guys would go down a storm. The bands energy is faultless and their toweringly tall frontman dominates the stage.

The bands new single 'Carry Me Away' still stands as an absolute banger and is definitely the direction the band should look at going in in terms of the perfect balance of singing/screaming to provide the heavy factor along with good sing-along content. Ending on old favourite 'Sky' Annisokay go out with a bang! Expect to see these guys hitting the UK again and maybe even headlining at the rate they are going.

Fearless Vampire Killers hit the stage and its obvious (as you would expect) who the crowd are here to see. I am wholly impressed with the bands efforts in pushing the boundaries as of late with their website and fan engagement. The band replicate that feeling onto stage with amazing crowd interaction. Their use of two frontmen works in the bands favour in helping the character of the band develop onstage.

It is clear by their obvious die-hard fans that they work well with them live to give an amazing feeling to those who are invested in the band.

They are, at times, extremely theatrical which can be a positive or a negative depending on personal preference.

FVK are like an early revival of Panic! at the Disco or even early Fall Out Boy (plus the make-up) and fans seem to go absolutely crazy for that. The band have definitely found their niche and deliver it well live. Its a shame that that niche can sometimes cloud the bands general sound which is actually very good. Overall an impressive performance nonetheless!

So another amazing night of music overall.

Thanks all!

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