Monday, 4 May 2015

'Exist immortal' Album Review 'Darkness Of An Age'

Its always nice when a band you already love, who's album you've already bought and played to death asks you to do a review of it for them. I first came across Exist Immortal in 2013 while messing around on a website called tuneglue, which sadly i don't think exists anymore but was a great way to find new bands similar to ones you already listen to. The point is, i know I've followed Exist Immortal for a while and i'm stoked that they asked us to review them.

Darkness of an age is a heavy album, it's brutal from start to finish, although they class themselves as an "experimental metalcore" band, its much more the latter than the former, it's hard hitting eardrum bursting metal. Whats great about it is that they do it so well, and maintain there own style in a genre that, in my mind at least, can be quite samey from band to band.

'Darkness Of An Age' is all about the riffs, strong, original, grooving riffs. Tom Montgomery and Kurt Valencia make excellent work of blending there guitars so well so that neither part specifically stands out yet the song would sound completely empty without either. This is merely the background for what is an incredible vocal duo of Meryck De La Fuente and David Billote who create an awesome blend of epic clean vocals and a downright filthy scream that will inspire you to break stuff, not sure what stuff, but stuff. With that said i do not condone the breaking of stuff in any way, no matter how much fun it is and good for relieving stress, breaking stuff is not cool.

To conclude, i love this album. It's as heavy as something that rhymes with duck but keeps it's intelligence with it's songwriting that is subtly brilliant. Best tracks in my mind are 'Legions', 'Edge of Infinity' and 'Imperator', but it's all awesome really!

Exist Immortal will be on tour with Malefice towards the end of May! The dates are in the pic above!

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Twitter: @ExistImmortal
Bandcamp: Darkness Of An Age (deluxe edition)

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