Friday, 29 May 2015

Dead Shed Jokers: Dead Shed Jokers Album Review

South Wales fuzzy rockers Dead Shed Jokers were set to make sure that their newest album proved a point. The self-titled album weighs in as the bands second after their debut 'Peyote Smile' that was wholly enjoyed by many blogs and magazines. Reminiscent of bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zepplin and Tool the band seem to be making a solid name for themselves. Lets take a look at the album!

The albums lead single 'Memoirs of Mr Bryant' has already featured on Classic Rock Magazine's cover CD. The song opens with reverbed guitars and instantly give the feel of a QOTSA/Royal Blood track. There is also the feel of Mastodon and that creeps through in terms of the high tensity music fused with slightly off the cuff vocals. The sliding guitars throughout the song add the classic rock feel though the song is mastered well and feels fresh and modern.

The likes of opening track 'Dafydd's Song' and tracks 'Made In Vietnam' and 'Love Is Diseased' are over 5 minutes long and really show the effort that has gone into creating this massive album. All of the tracks are similar in structure though 'Love Is Diseased' has a progressive feel at times.

A stand out song on the album is final track 'Exit Stage Left (Applause)' which mixes up the bands general feel by slowing the pace and throwing out a banger of a song. The piano that chimes throughout the track and the focus on the vocals lets you take in the album after you have been hit with 30 mins of high energy rock and roll. The song proved as my favourite on the album with a great instrumental outro section.

Overall I enjoyed the album 'Dead Shed Jokers'. It shows promise for the future. I did find myself at times looking at the song lengths and being a little put off and there were moments where a new song would play and sounded similar to the last. The band are onto great single tracks with the likes of 'Memoirs of Mr Bryant' and 'Exit Stage Left (Applause)'. I look forward to hearing more from the band in the future.

The band play Camden Rocks Festival tomorrow so if your heading down make sure to catch them play!

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