Friday, 22 May 2015

Carnival Youth: 'Words Like Birds' Single Review

We have checked out Latvian Indie Rockers Carnival Youth before and here we are at the release of their latest single 'Words Like Birds'. So lets just get straight on with it and see what the newest release has in store for us!

The track opens sounding BIG. I instantly hear the bands iconic indie sound (Box ticked). The groovy bass line plays in conjunction with light chimes and works really well to make an experimental feel. The fuzzy guitar rings throughout the track adding to the depth of the song instrumentally.

I enjoy the fact that the song doesn't really make sense to me lyrically, weird I know but the focus here isn't on the lyrical content but on the fantastic musicianship of the band and their ever-growing confidence to expand out of their comfort zone.

The bridge section with repeated vocals that continues with the chorus added in works well to add layers to the music. The structure of the song is impeccable and the overlaid vocals are a definite highlight of the song.

So the guys in Carnival Youth have nailed it again releasing a single that shows strength and growth as their time as a band has elapsed. It's a great song so check it out for yourself here.

Facebook: CarnivalYouth
Twitter: @carnivalyouth

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