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As It Is and This Wild Life with Seaway and Boston Manor: Gig Review

We were lucky enough to get in on the As It Is/This Wild Life co-headline show back on May 11th. The sold out gig was wall to wall from beginning to end and part of the reason for that is the hype surrounding newcomers As It Is who have taken the rock world by storm, signing to Fearless Records, releasing an album and heading out across the world to spread their joyous sound. In addition Boston Manor bring their fresh pop-punk sound, Seaway bring over the Canadian charm and acoustic duo This Wild Life bring a beautiful vibe to the entire thing. Let's take a look:

Its safe to say this gig was one all about the pop-punk! Boston Manor started the party in just the right way with their fast, energy infused songs. The Blackpool, North West 5 piece are up and coming and are slamming their way through tours with the likes of Me Vs Hero and embarking on this current tour. It is clear to see why they are landing these slots. The general feel of the band shows no letting up the entire set. They warm up the crowd perfectly and I wouldn't be surprised if we see these guys heading back soon to be headlining their own shows.

Photo Credit: Joe Brady Photography

Seaway open on  newest single 'Your Best Friend' and instantly have the crowds attention. The Canadian outfit know how to crowd going and they are just simply infectious. With frontman Ryan Locke stating "Yo, if you know the words get up here" you can see that the easy-going pop-punkers know how to party. They bring the pop-punk goodness from the moment they begin to the second they finished dropping one sing-along after the other. Their crowd involvement is truly phenomenal (I mean who doesnt love a bit of Canadian charm). I enjoy a band that are willing to get up on stage and have fun and that is exactly what Seaway did and the crowd were with them every step of the way.

Photo Credit: Ally Newbold

This Wild Life almost don't seem to fit the bill and i have thought that most of the times I see their tour/gig announcements. So why do they get matched with pop-punk/hardcore bands for tours? The simple answer is people love them. I mean there is only two of them and they play acoustic songs but their raw passion gets them a fantastic reaction everywhere they go. Having previously been a pop-punk band their newest album is almost like a pop-punk bands acoustic collection but their heartfelt upbeat acoustics are beautiful. They hold the crowd well and have everyone singing along to their singles. Kevin Jordan seems to struggle at times when hitting the high notes but it is easily overlooked. His delicate and high voice fits nicely with the slow and neat picking riffs. With small stories to accompany their music you really begin to feel like you know This Wild Life and the experience gives you an insight into their writing and even their lives. They still baffle me on the show slots they land but I do love their studio work. It was wholly enjoyable to see them play again.

Photo Credit: Amy Lane Photo

As It Is will be a lot of peoples band of the year in terms of your end of year lists. I remember almost exactly a year ago that the guys came and played in Fuel Rock Club (where I work) in front of just under 100 people. I now stand here watching the guys that are selling out headline shows in front of 400/500 people, have a new album, and are signed to Fearless Records. It's safe to say the band have come very far!

So how has their stage presence and live shows come on so far:

Well they come out swinging from the start with seemingly pumped up. Playing music off their new album, frontman Patty Walters struts the stage like a hyped up energiser bunny and thats not a bad thing. It's clear to see how much it means to the band and they give 110% throughout the entire set. Playing a good collection of songs from both new and old they have the crowd in their palm the entire show. Patty's emotion carries across in every song he sings. His raw passion oozes out of his performance.

You can see the band are riding high and are jumping from one success to another. They look ecstatic to be on stage and that's an amazing thing. The new hits such as 'Cheap Shots and Set Backs' and 'Concrete' prove as some of the best songs they have written in terms of bouncy sing-along chorus' that get the crowd moving.

Photo Credit: IC Media

The night was overall wholly impressive with four fantastic bands playing. I'm pretty sure that the next time we see any one of these bands play they will have made great progression in theirs careers!

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