Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Wömit Angel - 'Maggotmouth' EP Review

Hailing from Finland, blackened thrash/punk band Wömit Angel released their 'Maggotmouth' EP in February of this year via Inverse Records. Despite the band having released two full-lengths and two demos over the course of four years, this is my first encounter with Wömit Angel and it's a suitably impressive one.

Comprising of three tracks, none of which reach the three minute mark, this is a short EP. If anything it's too short but then if, like me, you're new to the band then 'Maggotmouth' serves as a perfect introduction to the band. It gives you a taste of what the band is about before finishing and leaving you wanting more, with a healthy enthusiasm for checking out their back catalogue. 

The EP begins with 'Maggotmouth', a track that starts off with blast beats and black metal style riffing before breaking into a more punk influenced guitar style (just to clarify, this is on the Extreme Noise Terror end of the punk spectrum). Third track 'King-SM (2014)' is a re-recording of the track 'King Self-Mütilation' from the bands debut demo 'Gnitimov fo Gninnigeb Eht' and follows the formula of the previous tracks.

The band have done an excellent job in blending elements of black metal, crust punk and thrash into a raw, bloody EP; heavy enough to wet the appetite of any fan of extreme music. So if you like your metal dirty, filth-encrusted and heavy as a one-tonne anvil falling on a cartoon coyote then Wömit Angel are the band for you.

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