Friday, 3 April 2015

'Voes' EP Review 'Let Me Stay'

Voes are a trio from South Wales, UK. Take one angelic voice and a beautiful intstrumental soundscape to act as it's foundation and that sums up abut 10% of what Voes are about. With their unique style that takes classically trained vocals and puts a spin on it to make poppier and catchier for the listener the band have their sound nailed down. Their new EP 'Let Me Stay' is an incredible testament to the bands sound that captures the best of what they have to offer.

Opening track 'Giants' was the bands first single off the EP and was accompanied by a simple yet elegant video (check it out below). The song itself has a Florence and The Machine feel with the comarison mainly arising from the vocals. I mean there's no other way to say it, Harriet Whitehead (Vocals) can sing really bloody good much like Florence Welsh! The highlight with 'Giants' is easily the chorus, even with it's light, soft instrumentals it holds a motivational and emotional drive whilst being catchy and full of raw passion.

Track two acts as a prelude and showcases how gripping a solo pianist can be. I have always viewed the piano as an instrument that can speak for itself but also one that can be played in front of any sized audience and bring goosebumps to everyone. I love that this is included in the EP as it give it character.

'Only Wonder' follows on from the prelude and keeps the mood calm. This song is all about the vocals again but hey you have to utilise the incredible talent that's there. Next track 'In Your Eyes' sees the band let loose a little more and instead of soft tones and quiet yet chilled vocals we see some of those higher notes being hit. The chorus is massive and I can't help but be reminded of the sort of chorus' that Evanesvence used to be able to smash out.

Final song on the EP and second single 'Hidden Sins' is quite simply another beautiful accompaniment to complete this incredible experience the listener has been through. Vocals are pinpoint accurate and towards the end we see an overlap of backing vocals sung over recurring piano chords. It's the perfect way to end the EP. Take a listen to 'Hidden Sins' below.

It's honestly very difficult here to come up with any criticism of Voes. In their field they are leaps and bounds above any other band trying to get into this sort of music. Their songs speak to you and are packed with passion. It's not often that you come across a band that will appeal to so many audiences but Voes fit into Indie/Pop/Folk and more. I'm truly blown away by the EP and by the band and look forward to further releases!

You can get the EP for a mere £3.95 on iTunes and we strongly recommend you get it!

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iTunes: Let Me Stay - EP

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