Thursday, 30 April 2015

'Secondborn' EP Review 'Symbols'

Secondborn are an Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore band from Lafayette/New Orleans (US). The band will be releasing their highly anticipated EP 'Symbols' on June 2nd and we got a chance to have a listen. Here's what we thought:

"These guys slam you with a musical passion driven by an outlandish ambiance and convoluted downbeats complimented by polished and mature hymn-like vocals. Already encompassing the hearts of modern underground rock fans..."

Track one 'Say Love' is a high energy anthem from start to finish and is the perfect way to open the EP. With raspy, fast-paced vocals to match the high tempo of the song it pounds you with a soundscape of heart-pounding drums and shredding riffs. The electronic section in the bridge that leads to a wholly unexpected but warmly welcomed guitar solo rounds off the song the same way it came in... With a bang!

The slightly more spacey sounding 'Secrets' brings in a furturistic/electronic aura with synths in the forefront of the song and layered, slightly echoed vocals. The song shows a whole new side to the band demonstrating their ability to go from full rock outfit to 30 Seconds To Mars Style Alt Rock in the space of one song. That said, the song doesn't sound out of place with some of the same guitar sounds and another high paced chorus.

'When Lions Dream' is the first showcase that the band have revealed from the EP. With a more stripped back verse you again see another characteristic portrayed from the band here. The hard-hitting anthem resonates a more Young Guns feel with it's chorus' that explode from the verse emerging as a timeless sing-along.

'Wolves and Hounds' continues the form though adds in some harsh/screaming backing vocals that suit the song and add more depth to the band. The general structure sees a downbeat guitar with a lot of double kicks (We love double kicks). The song stands as one of the heaviest on the EP and is a banger!

'In Winter' comes in from a whole new angle as an electronic orientated song with the inclusions of piano, synths and an electronic toned vocals and plenty of vocal effects. I'm not sure I favour this in comparison to some of the other great music demonstrated on the EP. At times the vocalist/vocalists soar and his/their talent is clearly showcased throughout the song hitting every note in every direction. I enjoy the electro inclusion though think it may be a bit much on this song.

Final track 'Kings Blood' brings an epic build up to another song that plays to all of Secondborn's strengths with the inclusion of all the positive aspects of their music. The song is pacey with distorted guitar and a background of synths to create wall of sound that is topped with explosive chorus' and high velocity drumming. The bridge contains a breakdown style section (I love it). It's a great end to the EP.

When June 2nd hits fans will not be disappointed with what Secondborn have created. It's clear to see that a tonne of influences have been poured in to the mix to create the sound that the band are going for but they clearly have something that stands out and sounds distinctive. 'Symbols' will surely become a huge milestone achieved for the band and they should be proud of it!

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