Monday, 13 April 2015

'Santiago Kings' Band Review

Santiago Kings are five piece grunge band from Sheffield, UK.Their raw modern take on a classic grunge sound has found it's way to us over at Noizze... Here's what we thought:

Hailing from Sheffield, the SK’s live up to all perceptions of the Steel City with a staccato sound interspersed with raspy vocals. Although not the most melodic of blues bands, focusing more on stabbed rhythms than the traditional smooth groove of blues, the Kings do an accurate and enjoyable Wolfmother impersonation on “Prince of Lies”, a song that is fun to listen to while also matching up well with the stylings of their singer/guitarist.

A tight, well-rehearsed group the Santiago Kings have a professional sound that does justice to their music.

The band have just completed a pledge campaign to produce a new music video for their track 'Tybrun Jig' and will be shooting it soon! Keep an eye out for that!

Facebook: santiagokings
Twitter: @santiagokings

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