Monday, 6 April 2015

'Rooted' EP Review 'The Roots EP'

Rooted are an indie/garage blues female-fronted trio from Brighton. Established in Dec 2014. We checked out their new EP 'The Roots'. Take a look at what we thought:

Track one 'Robot' has a cool funk to it though doesn't quite manage to lift the tempo in the chorus enough to make it stand out. The song feels a little unstructured and due to the weak chorus is hard to enjoy fully.

Second song 'Cards' again holds a similar blues feel and the female vocals make for a unique sound. It's a completely different feel to the first track and should be the sound the band focus on more. Where 'Robots' lacks proficiency 'Cards' manages to live up to the pop/blues rock title better. That said I cant understand why these songs are on the same EP.

'Weakness' is more of a stripped back song and is easily listenable. It fits in with the blues aura and doesn't feel out of place. The chorus is a little more uplifting and credit for that should go to the vocalist. There's sections that shine through and show positive aspects to the bands music.

Final track 'Fire' is definitely what the band should focus on more in the future in terms of sound. The song is cool and suits the vocals that sit at its forefront. It's the sort of song you want playing as you enter a Vegas casino and that's not a negative thing. The end section of the song is by far the EP's highlight with it's bass and guitar solo that plays back into the chorus. The song brings in all great aspects of the blues genre though manages to modernise and put a new age twist on it.

The blues/rock infusion is a great idea and I can see what the band are trying to do. In addition with a female vocalist thats voice suits the genre the bands songwriting will become progressively easier due to diversity. Unfortunately Rooted fall a little short in all of their choruses, there's just not that uplifting feeling you should get to let you know what section of the song you are in. I would love to see the band bring out another EP that works on the same vein as final track 'Fire' where the band really embrace their blues roots.

Go and catch Rooted at their EP launch in Brighton on the 22nd April.

Facebook: Rootedbandbrighton

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