Sunday, 26 April 2015

'Matt Maltese' Single Review 'Even If It's a Lie'

Matt Maltese is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Reading, UK. The background on Matt is truly remarkable with achievements like recording Burberry Acoustic Sessions at the age of 16 and reaching No. 6 in the iTunes with his debut self-released EP. On April 27th he will be releasing his new song 'Even If It's a Lie' and we at Noizze had the privilege of getting a sneaky listen, here's what we thought!

In Matt's own words here is what the song is about "It's about that extent of time where you'd accept the most terrible form of love just for things to go back to the way they were."

This heartfelt piano based song is an amazing showcase of talent. With an incredibly pure and emotive voice and simple yet effective piano chords to set a beautiful backdrop it's a head turner. I couldn't help but want to press the play button again and again as the song was in my head in an instant. It manages to encapsulate raw emotion and draws the listener in. The 'Woah-oh' bridge section of the song oozes a powerful yet vulnerable tone that holds some serious soul. His tone reminds me slightly of Mumford & Sons singer Marcus Mumford.

The music video conveys Matt sitting at his piano playing and singing, it's simple but there's really nothing else that you want to be watching. Listening to some of Matt's other music it's clear that this guy is heading somewhere with the talent he has.

The song is amazing and it's insane how many artists I have reviewed recently that have managed to mesmerize me within a second of the songs beginning. Bottom line is the Matt Maltese is truly remarkable. It's hard to write a review about a song that's blown you away so just go take some interest and have a listen for yourself, you won't regret it I promise!

Check out the song below via Matt's Soundcloud page:

Facebook: MattMaltesemusic
Twitter: @matthewmaltese
Soundcloud: Even If It's A Lie

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